40 before 40 #25: Try paddle boarding and stay up

It’s been way over a year since I became 40 and as you can see I did not totally complete my 40 before 40 list. 🙁 But I am not deterred, once day I will finish them all.

A couple of weeks ago we had friends visit from England.  While the boys were off playing foot golf (yes, that is playing golf with a football (soccer) ball Kay & I decide to give paddle boarding a try at Tempe Town Lake.

Neither of us had ever done it and our major concern was falling in the cold and mucky water. But with swimsuits under the clothes off we went.

After some very brief instructions off we went, first on our knees and then standing up.  For the first 10 minutes my legs were shaking but with time I relaxed a little and started to enjoy myself.  Tempe Town Lake is a great place for your first time because it’s very calm and quiet (until kids in kayaks come towards you). It was a perfect Arizona fall day which made it very relaxing.

I will definitely do it again and next time at one of the lakes or in the ocean.



Paddle Boarding

Trying to get back to Kay for our photo op!




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