On Sunday October 12th we fancied getting out of the house and doing a road trip in our open top Audi to take advantage of the lovely autumn/fall weather.  On my 40 before 40 list was visiting the town of Patagonia, which is in Southern Arizona near the boarder with Mexico, so we decided to, Read More

Today is Dave’s Birthday!!! It’s a cloudy Oregon day and after getting a few work bits out of the way, breakfast and the opening cards and pressies we decided to drive into Washington and visit Mount St Helens.  The volcano that erupted in 1980 causing nearly 150 sq miles of forest was blown over.

We had rain last night and woke up to a cloudy day and then had a few showers.  Lionel and Cathy our hosts have to get on with work so after some breakfast we decide to explore Portland City Center.

Today we awaken to another sunny day and it’s Labor Day, a holiday in the USA. So we decide to go for a scenic drive to Multnomah Falls.

It was an early start for a couple hours drive up to Astoria a seaside town on the mouth of Columbia river north of Portland.  The countryside in this area is just fabulous, pine forests, lots of green and we are lucky to have another clear blue sky making it all the more stunning., Read More

Woke up to a fabulous cloudless day and headed off on a wine tour.  Our first stop after a lovely drive south east of Portland was Bergstrom Wines. And this is a fabulous place, just what I expected a wine tasting to be like.  Bear in mind this is my second wine tasting at, Read More

Arrived in  Portland late on Thursday night and spent a couple of hours catching up over beers and wine with Lionel & Cathy our hosts for this holiday. They have a great balcony overlooking a beautiful garden with big pines trees is a very quiet neighborhood.

In less than two weeks we will be headed to Portland, Oregon for a 6 day trip to visit our friends Lionel & Cathy.  It will be my first time visiting Oregon and the North East, I am looking forward to the cooler weather, seeing the beach, visiting some wineries and relaxing.