10 Years From England to the USA

Ten years ago we landed in Phoenix to start our new life in the USA. We had no idea what life would be like, we just had this idea of what we wanted – a better quality of life and one where could spend more time together and enjoy life to its fullest.

Old Building

Whenever I see an old abandon building I always wondered what stories it could tell, who lived there, who built it, what was life like.  Living in the West there are lots of old mining towns with abandoned buildings from an era gone past.

Greer May 2014

I come from an arty family on my Mum’s side.  My Nan is a great painter and my Mum and Aunt Jennie are also good painters. As a child I was enrolled in painting classes and spent many a day with my Nan painting. I am not really good at it as I just, Read More

For the last few years we have been attending the Galas that Singleton Moms host every year. This means I have a lovely collection of beautiful dresses that have only been worn once or twice, so I have always wanted to host a posh cocktail party so that we could get dressed up 🙂

Instagram photos

Here are the last 30 photos from challenge #33 which is to chronicle 1 year of my life (starting April 18) in instagram  hashtag #365daysto40.

For centuries Navo Island has been treasured as a special place by the people of Sanasana Village. Located across the channel from Intercontinental Fiji Golf Resort (where we stayed for a wedding), the island was once used as a settlement and place of retreat during times of war and conflict, where women and children, Read More

When I asked friends and family to help with out with my 40 before 40 list my nephew Sam suggested that I take part in a Fijian Fire Dance.  Not knowing what it would entail or even if this would be possible I added it to my list.

Us on Yanuya Village beach with Monuriki in the background

After our swim and snorkel in Monuriki we headed to the Yanuya village on a nearby island. Here we took part in a local Kava Ceremony. Respecting their traditions us women had to cover up our legs, and none of us could wear hats or sunglasses.  We were taken to their community hall where,, Read More

Monuriki Island

On June 1 we flew out to Fiji to attend our nephew Mike’s wedding to Tabitha.  We were there for 6 nights and 7 days and had several 40 before 40 experiences to take care of.  We visited Fiji in 2006 and due to bad weather we did not get to experience snorkeling in, Read More

I have received so many great suggestions and they keep coming in. Thank you friends and family, I hope some of you will join me for some of these adventures! Here is my final list, I will blog once I completed each of them, hope you will follow my journey.