On March 21 we attend A Night at the Museum, a fundraiser for our local Gilbert Historical Museum.  It’s a lovely museum depicting the history of Gilbert.  We worked with them to develop their website a few years back and have help out when needed since then.  This year we took Sally & Iris, Read More

Singleton Superhero 5k

The last of my 4 5k’s arrived in November and this one was the one I was looking forward too the most, as it was for my favorite non-profit Singleton Moms.  I found out about Singleton Moms back in 2008 and has been involved as a volunteer with them since, including organizing 2 of, Read More

Color Dash

So October 18th came along and it was time to run the 5k Color Dash. Having already run a few 5k’s during training and other races it should have been easy but I was not feeling well, that week I had a bad cough.

Me & Friends

Volunteering and helping out whenever I can is something that I have always enjoyed doing.  I have been lucky in life and feel strongly that if you can help someone, you should.  This is something that I learned from my Nan who always was doing something to raise money or help the less fortunate.

I was nominated by Jack, Jody Farley-Berens son to do the Ice Bucket challenge for Singleton Moms.  So here it is and I nominate Sheryl Robinson, Dawn Leach, Sherrona Rago Johnson and Tara Hale Bianco.  They have 24 hours to take me up on the challenge and donate $10 to Singleton Moms or if they don’t want, Read More

One of the great things I get to do in my spare time is sit on the Board of Directors at Singleton Moms.  Singleton™ Moms is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing hope, help and practical support to struggling single parents battling cancer by providing emotional, financial and household support to courageous moms and, Read More