It’s been way over a year since I became 40 and as you can see I did not totally complete my 40 before 40 list. ūüôĀ But I am not deterred, once day I will finish them all. A couple of weeks ago we had friends visit from England. ¬†While the boys were off, Read More

Old Building

Whenever I see an old abandon building I always wondered what stories it could tell, who lived there, who built it, what was life like.  Living in the West there are lots of old mining towns with abandoned buildings from an era gone past.

Ginnie is 40

One of the things about turning 40 is that is makes you think about the life you have lead so far. Have I made the most of it? Do I have any regrets? What’s next?…


For quite a few years now we have had a lovely DSLR camera with great lens etc but have never really learnt how to use it properly hence having a photography lesson was one of the things I wanted to achieve this year.

My very talented sister Maria who lives in Argentina makes a number of circus toys for children and adults and when I was there a couple of years ago she gave me a set of Swing Cintas.  I promised that I would learn how to use them and make a video for her.

Having never been ¬†runner when I lived in England I wanted to run 5k when I was there visiting my family and friends. I was staying at my aunt’s house which is located in one of the many hilly areas of Bath, not far from where I lived the first year of my life, Read More

I am quite an adventurous eater, I will always try something once.  So when it came to this challenge I had difficulty finding something new to eat, a search of local restaurants in the Phoenix area did not turn up much. But in April when I was in England visiting family and friends my lovely, Read More

On March 21 we attend A Night at the Museum, a fundraiser for our local Gilbert Historical Museum. ¬†It’s a lovely museum depicting the history of Gilbert. ¬†We worked with them to develop their website a few years back and have help out when needed since then. ¬†This year we took Sally & Iris, Read More


Living in Arizona with the beautiful weather that we have, we see lots of people out on motorbikes. I always imagine how great it must be to experience the open road on the back of a bike.

Greer May 2014

I come from an arty family on my Mum’s side. ¬†My Nan is a great painter and my Mum and Aunt Jennie are also good painters. As a child I was enrolled in painting classes and spent many a day with my Nan painting. I am not really good at it as I just, Read More