Dave, Maverick & Ginnie

About Me

Hello, Hola!  I am Ginnie Rowe (nee Virginia Marpegan). To date I have lived a wonderful life, full of great experiences due to my diverse background and where I have had the opportunity to live.

So what is your story, you ask?

Well, I was born in Waynesboro, Virginia to an Argentine Dad, Carlos and an English Mum, Rosie. We did not live in Virginia for long, at 11 months old we moving back to Argentina, where I spent the next 18 years of my life.

Argentina is my home, where my family still lives and where my roots are.  I spent the first 12 years living in Mercedes, province of Buenos Aires.  Just a couple hours from Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina.

In 1988 our family made the big move to Patagonia (over 1000 miles south), to a small town called El Bolsón (The Big Bag).  Right on the border with Chile, it’s a stunningly beautiful place.  Surrounded by the Andes mountain range with crystal clear lakes, rivers and forests.  The best place to spend your teenage years, as there was so much freedom and beauty.

But it’s a small place so at the age of 18 I left to get to know the world, mostly England better.  My plan was go to England for a year or so, travel and work to make enough money to be able to buy a car (when I returned to Argentina) and get all the Rolling Stones CD’s.

Destiny had another plan. In Bath, where I settled, I worked as a nanny for a year for a wonderful family with 4 girls, a sales assistant for a fancy store and did some temporary work as a receptionist until I landed a job at The Idea Works where my career in marketing got started.

There I met my now husband Dave, who is my best friend and partner in life. Fast forward to 2006 when we made the biggest move in our lives to date.  We sold up, left our jobs and moved from Bristol, England to Phoenix, Arizona USA.

I was very lucky during my 14 years in England to travel to many countries in Europe, as well as a trip to Hong Kong and many fly drives to the USA.  I love travel and when we decided to move to the US we took a 2 month round the world trip touching down in Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Hawaii. An experience we will never forget.

So now I reside in Gilbert, AZ which is a city in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Dave and I started our own business DGR Communications in  2007 and now spend our spare time enjoying the lovely state of Arizona, traveling back to England and Argentina and exploring this wonderful country. We also lucky to get many visitors who get to experience Rowe Tours :).  I love that we get to work for ourselves and are able to make decisions about what we want to do with our time.

MaverickBut I cannot finish writing without mentioning our dog Maverick, he is our baby (as we have no children). Maverick is a beautiful (I know I am biased) long hair German Shepherd who we rescued in February 2008, a very sweet and intelligent dog that amuses and surprises me every day.

I hope you enjoy my blog, its just about me and my experiences.  Life is for Living