40 Before 40 List

I have received so many great suggestions and they keep coming in. Thank you friends and family, I hope some of you will join me for some of these adventures!

Here is my final list, I will blog once I completed each of them, hope you will follow my journey.

40 Challenges/Experiences to complete in 1 year starting April 18 2014

  1. Run 4 x 5k races. Pat’s Run in March completed , UMOM 5k completed, 5k Color Dash completed & Singleton Superhero 5k 
  2. Kayak on the Salt River
  3. Run a 10k
  4. Hike Camelback Mountain
  5. Watch all the James Bond Movies in order – in progress
  6. Learn how to wake board
  7. Wear no make-up for 7 days
  8. Spend a day doing absolutely nothing – no cooking, no working…. – Done
  9. Spend a day without using any electronics – Done
  10. Hike the Four Peaks
  11. Take 40 pictures of old abandon buildings and create a book
  12. Snorkel on a reef in Fiji and find Nemo
  13. Horseriding on a beach
  14. Drink Kava from a Tanoa with some Fiji Locals
  15. Take part in a Fijian Fire Dance (I have to say I am not sure what this entails)
  16. Circumnavigate Navo Island in a Kayak
  17. Climb to to top of Monuriki and yell “Wilsoooooooooonnnnn!!!!!  (Sam Herd you are joining me on this one!)
  18. Volunteer at a soup kitchen
  19. Make my own makeup
  20. Do the Ride for Children 25 mile bike ride. This was schedule for April 18, my birthday but was unable to do it due to a bad back 🙁
  21. Visit Patagonia, Arizona (coming from Patagonia, Argentina I have to do this one! )
  22. Have a posh cocktail party
  23. Start painting again – min 4 paintings
  24. Release 40 balloons one at a time with my blog web address inside and ask people to tell me where they have landed – Done
  25. Try paddle boarding and stay up
  26. Eat a dish with ingredients I have never had before
  27. Take a photography class
  28. Start playing tennis with Dave and anyone else you would like to join us 🙂 Done
  29. Ride on the back of a Harley
  30. Read 4 Latin American classic books and review them for my English audience
  31. Learn how to dance with/use Swing Cintas and make a video for my sister
  32. Watch Cool Hand Luke with Sheryl
  33. Chronicle 1 year of my life (starting April 18) in instagram  hashtag #365daysto40
  34. Take part in a dance flash mob
  35. Create a video montage of my life up until now and play it on 40th Birthday
  36. Run 5k in Bath or Bristol England
  37. Spend 7 days without looking at any social media sites
  38. Superstition Zipline Ride
  39. Do the Flagstaff Adult Extreme adventure course
  40. This one I am keeping all to myself

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