40 before 40 #34: Take part in a dance flash mob

On March 21 we attend A Night at the Museum, a fundraiser for our local Gilbert Historical Museum.  It’s a lovely museum depicting the history of Gilbert.  We worked with them to develop their website a few years back and have help out when needed since then.  This year we took Sally & Iris who were staying with us and our good friends Lionel & Cathy.

Unbeknownst to our guests, a week before Kayla, the Executive Director of the museum emailed asking for people who wanted to be part of a surprise.  I jumped at the chance and as it turns out the the surprise was to do a flash mob at the end of the presentation portion of the night.  The song chosen none other than “Happy” by Pharrell Williams and the twist was that they wrote new lyrics about Gilbert. I have always wanted to do a flash mob and it was one of the suggestions for the #40before40 list so I am so glad I said yes 🙂

I was emailed a video of the routine which I practiced at home and also attended a practice at the Museum a week before the event.  The routine for nice and pretty simple. On the night when the music started I stood up, casually walked over to the dance floor and joined the others on the dance floor to perform the routine.  It was fun to do and I hope the spectators enjoyed it as much as we did!

A short video and photos of the evening for your enjoyment!

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