40 before 40 #29 : Ride on the back of a Harley


Living in Arizona with the beautiful weather that we have, we see lots of people out on motorbikes. I always imagine how great it must be to experience the open road on the back of a bike.

Our friend Phil has a lovely Harley and he offered to take me out for a ride.  On a beautiful Arizona day on March 8 we set off from Gilbert to Tortilla Flat, Phil & I on the Harley and Dave & Sheryl in our convertible.  The drive took us through Apache Junction, Superstitions Mountains, Canyon Lake and ended at the very busy Tortilla Flat, where we stopped for lunch before heading back.

I had never been on the back on a bike before, unless you count a petrifying short ride on a scooter when I was a teenager so I was a little nervous but very quickly got use to it and enjoyed the ride.  Phil is a great rider!

During the ride there and back I got the time to really appreciate the beauty that surrounds us in Arizona, so lucky to live is such a beautiful part of the world and to be able to have these wonderful experiences. My motto “Life is for Living” kept coming into my mind.

Thanks Phil for this experience!

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