40 before 40 #27: Take a photography class


For quite a few years now we have had a lovely DSLR camera with great lens etc but have never really learnt how to use it properly hence having a photography lesson was one of the things I wanted to achieve this year.

My brother is an amazing photographer with a great eye so I asked him to give me a lesson on how to use my camera and what all the settings meant.  Last week while I was in England spending time with him and the rest of the family he gave me a lesson.  It was so nice to spend quality time together and to learn from him.  Loved that we did in a mixture of Spanish and English.

I learnt all about aperture, ISO, speed and what is the best optimum exposure for a shot.  I can’t wait to go out and try my new found knowledge and photograph the outside world!

Gracias Luis 😉

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